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Trigger on Opportunity Team Member to create Opportunity split automatically

Hi All,


I need to write a after insert trigger on Opportunity Team Member object to create a Opportunity Split.


For example, if we have 2 members in Opportunity Team member then it should be 50% each.


Please help me it's urgent.




Ivana Miserda 6Ivana Miserda 6

Have you figured out this one?

I have trouble properly understandy OpportunitySplit and how to split percentage between

Yanick Nantchouang 6Yanick Nantchouang 6
Hi @sachinSankad and @IvanaMiserda6,

Working on opportunity Splits and need to achieve the same goal. Have you guys figure this one out. I get an error message suggesting that the total splits does not add up to a 100%.

James KieleyJames Kieley
I'm still looking for answer for this. I am unable to create OpportunitySplits through apex...