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Showing "Contracts" as a related list on "Contacts" records




We are a services based company, and have therefore customised "Contracts" to be a third stage of the CRM process.  Therefore:

Stage 1: Leads.  This is where our Sales team cold-call potential business prospects and arrange meetings.

Stage 2: Opportunities.  This is where our team of experts go to meet a new potential client, after a meeting has been set up in the stage 1 (Leads) section, and with luck, actually sell them the service that our company provides.

Stage 3. Contracts.  This is where we have won a contract at the end of Stage 2 (above) and we wish to use Salesforce to standardise and improve the customer experience.


As you will all know, Contacts can be associated with Accounts, Leads and Opportunities.  If you click on a Contact record, you will be able to see which Accounts, Leads and Opportunities they are associated with (for customisation of layout, these are in Page Layout under "Related Lists".)


Annoyingly, "Contracts" (our new Stage 3) does not exist on the "Related Lists" section of "Contacts".


Can anyone help write us some code that will make "Contracts" show in "Related Lists" of "Contacts" please?


Thank you very much in advance,





No code should be needed. Create a custom look-up field on "Contract" for "Contact", and as part of the custom field creation process, there will be a step to add related lists for Contracts on Contacts.

@AlexRiston - are you using native Contract Contact Roles?