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Help writing test class

I need to write a test class for my code before Salesforce will allow us to deploy it.


I'm a complete newbie and would greatly appreciate your help.


The class is as follows (please also let me know if you can see any basic errors):


public with sharing class CreatecontractonOppstageclosewon {
Set<Id> accId = new Set<Id>();
List<Opportunity> opplist = new List<Opportunity>();
List<contract> conrtlist = new List<contract>();
for(Opportunity opp :{
if(opp.StageName == 'Closed Won'){
Contract con = new Contract();
if(opp.AccountId != NULL){
con .AccountId = opp.AccountId;
con .Status = 'Draft';
con .StartDate = System.Today();
con .ContractTerm = opp.Length_of_project_months__c;
con.X3_RESEARCH_site_history__c) - opp.X3_RESEARCH_site_history__c)
con.X4_RESEARCH_likely_issues__c = opp.X4_RESEARCH_likely_issues__c
con.X5_RESEARCH_Stakeholders__c - opp.X5_RESEARCH_Stakeholders__c
con.X6_RESEARCH_company_other_projects__c = opp.X6_RESEARCH_company_other_projects__c
con.Client_Code__c = opp.Client_Code__c
con.Council__c = opp.Council__c
con.Date_for_1st_Public_Exhibition__c = opp.Date_for_1st_Public_Exhibition__c
con.Date_for_2nd_Public_Exhibition__c = opp.Date_for_2nd_Public_Exhibition__c
con.Date_to_Call__c = opp.Date_to_Call__c
con.Date_for_Submission__c = opp.Date_for_Submission__c
con.Details_of_Lead__c = opp.Details_of_Lead__c
con.First_Meeting_Report__c = opp.First_Meeting_Report__c
con.IPA_Pitch_Member_1__c = opp.IPA_Pitch_Member_1__c
con.IPA_Pitch_Member_2__c = opp.IPA_Pitch_Member_2__c
con.IPA_Pitch_Member_3__c = opp.IPA_Pitch_Member_3__c
con.Indigo_Email__c = opp.Indigo_Email__c
con.Planning_Committee_Date_Time__c = opp.Planning_Committee_Date_Time__c
con.Previous_contact__c = opp.Previous_contact__c
con.Referersemail__c = opp.Referersemail__c
con.Region__c = opp.Region__c
con.Relevant_Work__c = opp.Relevant_Work__c
con.Sales_Notes__c = opp.Sales_Notes__c
con.Sector__c = opp.Sector__c
con.Is_there_a_URL_where_you_found_this_lead__c = opp.Is_there_a_URL_where_you_found_this_lead__c
conrtlist .add(con );
if(conrtlist.size() > 0){
insert conrtlist ;


And the trigger is as follows:


trigger CreatecontractonOppstageclosewon on Opportunity (after insert, after update) {



Please, please help.  Essentially, what this will do is when we get to the Opportunity Closed/Won stage in Opportunities, a Contract will automatically be created with our custom fields fully copied over.  I know lots of other people wish they could do this, will share anything you give me and what we have created already with the world.


Best regards,





Daniel B ProbertDaniel B Probert

i'm no expert but in theory what you need to do is something like this:


public class testcreatecontractonoppstageclosewon
// create a account
Account account = new Account();
account.Name = 'test';
// include any other fields that are required
insert account;

// create contact ( if needed )
Contact contact = new Contact();
contact.FirstName = 'test';
contact.LastName = 'test';
contact.Account =;
// include any other fields that are required
insert contact

// create opportunity
Opportunity opp = new Opportunity();
opp.Name = 'Test';
opp.Account =;
opp.Contact =;
opp.stagename = 'Closed Won';
// include all the field that you want copied over from the opportunity to the contract
insert opp
update opp

 that's how i'd approach it anyway as in theory the creation of the opportunity with the stagename = closed won should invoke the trigger.

Karthik SalesforceKarthik Salesforce

Hi Alex,


  Please Find the Below Class


  private class TestTestClass {

    static testMethod void myUnitTest()
        // TO DO: implement unit test
        CreatecontractonOppstageclosewon Createcon =new CreatecontractonOppstageclosewon();
        Account acc =new Account();
        insert acc;
        List<Opportunity> oppli = new List<Opportunity>();
        Opportunity opp=new Opportunity();
        opp.StageName='Closed Won';;
        insert opp;
        List<Contract> conrtlist = new List<Contract>();
        Contract cn=new Contract();;
        cn.Status = 'Draft';
        cn.StartDate = System.Today();
        cn.ContractTerm =2;
        cn.X2_RESEARCH_LPA__c = 2;
        cn.X4_RESEARCH_likely_issues__c = 3;
        cn.X6_RESEARCH_company_other_projects__c = 'test';
        cn.Client_Code__c = 'Code';
        cn.Council__c = 'Con';
        cn.Date_for_1st_Public_Exhibition__c =;
        cn.Date_for_2nd_Public_Exhibition__c =;
        cn.Date_to_Call__c = 'Call';
        cn.Date_for_Submission__c =;
        cn.Details_of_Lead__c = 'Lead';
        cn.First_Meeting_Report__c = 'Hyd';
        cn.IPA_Pitch_Member_1__c = '5';
        cn.IPA_Pitch_Member_2__c = '7';
        cn.IPA_Pitch_Member_3__c = '10';
        cn.Indigo_Email__c = ''
        cn.Planning_Committee_Date_Time__c =;
        cn.Previous_contact__c = 'Tesst';
        cn.Referersemail__c = ''
        cn.Region__c = 'USA';
        cn.Relevant_Work__c = 'Test';
        cn.Sales_Notes__c = 'abc';
        cn.Sector__c = 'IT';
        cn.Is_there_a_URL_where_you_found_this_lead__c = 'test';
        insert cn;


Dear Dan and SaiTaj,


Firstly, thank you both for taking the time to do this for us.


I am now trying to understand what I need to do to get this deployed.


Salesforce have told me to read the following, and they will then help me on Monday.


I will update you then.


Really appreciate your kindness - I am on a very steep learning curve here.


Have a great weekend and speak soon,


Best regards,



Daniel B ProbertDaniel B Probert

Hi Alex,


The deployment part is actually much easier than the coding part - i'm also on a steep learning curve at the moment :)


Good luck