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Avoid duplicate lead through crossmatching fields



 Im using dupecatcher to avoid duplicate leads. I have issues in lead page there are three email field ie
Email1, Email2, Email3. I have entered '' in Email1 field in first lead. If I enter same email id in Email2  field in second lead alert is not throwing. Dupecatcher will only throw exception if i enter email id in corresponding field ie Email1 field.I checked with dupecatcher support team ,this was their reply
If the Filter checks Leads, then it’s not possible to cross match rules.
The only way to cross match rules in DupeCatcher is
if you have a multi-object filter (Lead against Contact or Account).
Hence it is not possibel through Dupe catcher .Is there any other way to solve this issue



Niket SFNiket SF

Hello Amrit do one thing.


 Mark 3 email fields as Unique.


Thank you



Thanks for your reply.It isworking for two custom fields.Im using frist email as standard field.How can i set as unique


Is it possible to make phone fields as unique

Karthik SalesforceKarthik Salesforce



We can not change the Email Data type and we can not hide the Email field in page layout

Karthik SalesforceKarthik Salesforce

Hi ,



No We can not change the Phone data type insted of create  new Field make it as Uniqe and hide the Standard Phone field useing the Page layout




Niket SFNiket SF

For Stadard Field create one Custom Field (type = Text) => amd marked as Unique

=> Create a workflow which will copy the STD email field to your newly created custom field.

=> So indirectly your Std email is marked as Unique.


 If it helps you please mark as Solved.


Thank you




Thanks for your reply.This will only work for corresponding fields.

If im entering an email address in first email field it will identify as duplicate in same field in second lead.I need duplicate alert when i enter same email address in second or third email address field also.


Niket SFNiket SF
For that you can add validation rule.

Validation rule will only for single will not cross check multiple records.




Tim BarsottiTim Barsotti

I am not familiar with dupecatcher, as I've used other anti dupe programs.


You might want to try to following:

Have a trigger before update / before insert populate a text area field with: [email1][email2][email3].

Then you can do a check to see if Text Area Field contains [email1] || [email2] || [email3]. 


You would need either the square brackets [] or some other type of delimiter to seperate them out because of the limitations of the contains function. Example, if you had adding another would fail as example contains ample. However, if you had brackets it would prevent this. 


Hope this helps get you on the right path.