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Mass Re-Assign records from Owner whos going to be de-activated to his manager

Hey All

just a quick question

Aim – User  is leaving the organisation, so i need to deactivate the user, before de-activating i want to assign all his records example leads & opportunities to his manager .

I want to achieve all this via code instead of using the data loader.

Is this viable ? 


how many records do you have for each type ?


HI the records can vary depending on the user we trying to de-activate

In most instances the avg would be around 1000
So lets say your  the user i want to de-activate, i want to assign your 1000 leads to your manager 


With these data volume this must be not too hard running some apex anonymously.


Example :


List<Contact> contactList = [select OwnerId from Contact where OwnerId='005U0000001VVmp'];
for (Contact currentContact : contactList) {
	currentContact.OwnerId = '005U0000000KwE9';
update contactList;


Alternative :


Use this third party tool http://code.google.com/p/sqlforce/ supporting direct Update command like standard SQL


HI Twan


Thank you for your response

In this example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrtVN8vZGJU you can see that “Jim Smith” has been de-activated. What i want to do, is when you press save, an apex trigger  is triggered and re-assign “Jim Smith” Leads into this appropriate manager

Can this be done ?


You can try to embed my example code in a trigger.

HI twan

I am new to code so my apologises, i try and work on it over the weekend