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Field update from Email Message

I'm new to Apex (and coding) and was wondeirng if it was possible to update fields from the EmailMessage.Textbody with an ApexTrigger rather than creating a custom inbound email handler service.  It seems like it would  be easier to just utilize the Email to Case On Demand feature, and have a trigger to parse the data from the default field that the email text body goes to on the Case.  So I know that I need to string the emailbody with substrings for where I want to start capturing the data, and I know that I want to set the string values equal to the Case fields.  Any other help setting this up would be appreciated.  So far I have code that looks like this, but it isn't functional since I don't know what I need to put in between the two statements to complete the code:


trigger TextBody on Case (before insert) {
String[] emailBody = email.plainTextBody.split('\n', 0);
String Site = emailBody[0].substring(17);
String State = emailBody[2].substring(25);
String Field1 = emailBody[4].substring(17);
String Field2 = emailBody[6].substring(18);
String Field3 = emailBody[8].substring(16);
String Field4 = emailBody[10].substring(17);
String Field5 = emailBody[12].substring(17);
String Codes = emailBody[14].substring(17);
String Name = emailBody[16].substring(17);


this.theCase = new Case();
this.theCase.Status = 'Open';
this.thCase.Priority = 'Low';
this.theCase.Site__c = Site;
this.theCase.State__c = State;
this.theCase. Field_1__c = Field1;
this.theCase. Field_2__c =  Field2;
this.theCase. Field_3__c =  Field3;
this.theCase. Field_4__c =  Field4;
this.theCase. Field_5__c =  Field5;
this.theCase.Codes__c = Codes;
this.theCase.Name__c = Name;
this.theCase.Origin = 'Email';
this.theCase.Subject = email.Subject;
this.theCase.Description = email.plainTextBody;


You must create an inbound email handling service. You can think about it as a trigger that fires when an email comes in.

The trigger you're proposing would not fire on an email, only when you create a new Case.


An email handling service is pretty easy to create. Just follow some of the examples.