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I can't get Status on class XML Metadata file to change to Deleted

I have been struggling with this problem for several days now with tech support and getting nowhere. As tech support suggested, I installed Eclipse 3.6, Force.com IDE 27, and JRE 1.6. I am downloading the specific class I want to delete. I am trying to change the status of the accompanying XML file to Deleted. I do that and save. I get no error messages. However, the status of the file returns back to Active. I can't get it to stay on Deleted. The tech claims they can make the change just fine, and it has to be on my end. I have tried performing this operation on two different operating systems on two completely different networks. Same results.


You can't delete a metadata component by setting its status to deleted. Instead, you have to create a destructiveChanges.xml file, listing the element(s) you want to delete, then run the deploy. This will change the component to deleted automatically. See http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/daas/Content/daas_destructive_changes.htm for details on destructiveChanges.xml files.

Patrick Mayer 4Patrick Mayer 4
Did the destructiveChanges.xml file work for you? I am not trying to delete a metadata component, just the class it refers to, and I have been having this problem for days.
You should use go with a way : You need to prepare 'destructiveChanges.xml & then useForce.com Migration Tool for Ant (instead of the IDE) to deploy your destructiveChanges.xml file.

SandeeP Singhal