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Error message in standard detail page.




I have a requirement object and in that i have a status picklist which contains 4 status.

If the status is reopen, then the no.of resumes in the requirement object should be 0. And if the no.of resumes is 0, then an error message should be thrown like "enter the no. of resumes".

I am updating few other fields based on the reopen status in a trigger. So I am updating no.of resumes to 0 in that trigger and created a validation rule in requirement object like

if (no.of resumes == 0, true, false)
error message : enter the no.of resumes.

But the error message is throwing whenever i have mentioned no.of resumes greater than 0 (i.e 1).



Kindly advice.


Create a validation rule like this


no.of resumes = 0

By this it is 0, then the error will be thrown. 


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Your validation rule looks good.I think something happens in your trigger.May be your trigger put the value '0' in the No.of resume field internally.that's why u got the error when u enter value greater than 0.


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is there any other way to resolve this issue?

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There is no need to use if block, use simple validation rule as follow -


no.of resumes <1


-It must work correctly. If yet problem occures then please debug the value of this field and make sure that It is 0.



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Check the order of execution of the trigger. Validation rules will be fired before the trigger insert/update.




So in your case validation rules are getting fired before the trigger update.