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Need to exclude current offer when query on status

I have an Offer Trigger(before insert before update).   When I change the current offer status to 'Offer Declined'  I need to check to see if there are any other offers  with a status other than 'Offer Declined'. The problem is that my  query returns the exact offer that I just edited  with the  previous Status before I change it to 'offer declined'.  The result should return  NULL as there are no other offers with a Status not equal to 'Offer Declined'.      My query is pulling back the offer with the status before the status was changed.


I tried changing the trigger to after update, however this causes an entire section of code not to execute.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Please disregard... Changing the trigger to fire on After Insert. After Update seems to have resolved the problem. The was some additional code in the trigger I needed to change to reference after instead of before..