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Unable to download the Force.com IDE


where to download force.com ide?

http://wiki.developerforce.com/page/Force.com_IDE_Installation has the appropriate instructions. You can download the binary for Windows, or install it via the Software Update function in Eclipse.
Thank you
force.com ide installationin eclipse is completed....but force.com ide is
not opened....
Once installed, you still open Eclipse, as normal. Once in, you can create a new Force.com project (File > New > Other... > Force.com > Force.com Project). Follow the wizard to select an organization and components to include in the project. It will prompt you to change to the Force.com perspective for the project once created, and you should accept. From there, you can modify the organization's code, pages, and other metadata information. Build the project (by default, auto-build on save is enabled) to deploy to the same organization, or use the project's context menu (right-click the project), and choose Force.com > Deploy to Server... to deploy to an alternate server.
hi, i got it

i installed force.com ide ....i create new project ,and i have given my
user name-----------


security token----------

and all components classes ,triggers of my account are imorted in to the
force.com ide....

but where i can develop new classes?

Thanks & Regards,