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changeset vs eclipse vs ant ?

to deployment purpose we changeset , eclipse , Ant tools ,       


but my question , i want to know dra backs of changesets  and benfits of Eclipse.  and eclipse dra backs Ant benifts  ?


ple tell me if know ,  i want to know why sfdc people give many features to do deployement .



thank u . 


Difference Between Change Sets and Eclipse Deployment Methods


1. Via eclipse we can deploy but Eclipse will not keep a track of the Classes and Pages which were depolyed earlier . On the Other hand if we use Change Sets then all old deployemnts will be tracked .


2. Change Sets allow the ability to be cloned where as Eclipse doesnt .


3. A silly difference is Eclipse Uses Security Token as it is an 3rd Party System .


4. A change set can only be moved between a live site and its sandbox. Eclipse can be used to move between any orgs like live site and developer org.


5. When using change sets when it deploys it runs all tests of apex code. If you have low covereage or have code that will break with the new components you will not be able to deploy it will fail every time while with Eclipse you can push code without coverage.


1. Ant also doesn't "track deployments". But, deployments are listed in the Setup > Monitoring > Deployments area.

2. You can clone a project just as you can clone a change set. They're just files on your computer. Plus, you don't need to clone just because you've made one deployment (like Change Set, which locks it after an upload).

3. Ant and Eclipse both use security tokens, but only outside the trusted network. This is usually a non-issue for people that work in offices, because they have static IP ranges they can list to nullify this requirement.

4. You can move change sets between any sandbox for an organization (if you have multiple), and/or production.

5. Eclipse can't push code without coverage to production environments. You can never, ever break this cardinal rule, no matter how you deploy. Sandboxes and developer editions do not require testing or coverage, however.
I'm a little confused. Is that Eclipse and ANT needed code coverage or Changesets?