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Delayed Unit Test

Is it possible to delay the assertion of something in a unit test?



1.  0 hour, a lead is created in Salesforce

2.  15 minutes later, Salesforce syncs the lead to a 3rd party app

3.  30 minutes later, the 3rd party app does some stuff

4.  1 hour later, 3rd party app syncs back to Salesforce


Did #3 happen as expected?  In the apex test method is possible to write a unit test to check that the 3rd party app performed as expected?  How can this be accomplished?


Thanks in advance.

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No, test methods can't be paused like this. You can only simulate connections to the third-party system; you can't actually call out to the system to test that method. If you doubt if your remote service would be working correctly, you need to test their API independently.