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Regarding landing page for profiles

Hi Experts,


I requirment is that how to assign landing pages for different profiles , i have created landing pages but i dont know how to assign these pages to profilesinseated of creating different landing pages for different profiles cant we create a single lading page for different profiles  any how  please could you guide me how to do landing pages for different profiles please. thanks in advance " please give me with naviagation"


Hi Aditya,


You cannot setup a landing page per Profile but you can defintely give a try to the following approach:


1)You mentioned you have created landing pages - create a tab for these landing pages

2)Make this tab as the default landing page on the app that the user sees as soon as he logs in

(the app each user sees may be different depending on the access they have on each app you have created in your ORG) 


Hope this helps!




As of now it is not possible to have landing pages as per profile, would encourage you to post this idea on idea exchange.


A workaround is, we can assign landing pages to Apps and we can assign apps to profiles. This can be done by going Setup | App Setup | Customize | Create | Apps | Select the Application you want to change. On the application select edit and then change the default landing page from Home to what ever object you want.