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implement Go to List All link in related list



       How can I implement Go to LIst All Link in related list. And when we press on that link it needs to show all records for that parent.


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Can you tell us what the child and parent objects are?
I understand that on the parent record detail page, you would like to add a new button (specifically on the child related list )

In this case, you can create a new custom button on the parent object and add it to the related list.

You can then open any URL with the click of the link or button.

Satish Kumar
Purushothaman AnnamalaiPurushothaman Annamalai
Hi Venkat,

It's a standard Functionality,

If there are more number of records in your related list means, the Goto List Link will appear automatically.
Well that is true. There is also this standard functionality to show more records which appear in the related list.

Satish Kumar