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Multi step Approval Process in Apex

Hi All,


I have a requirement where I need to have an 3-step approval process and each of the user should be able to enter some comments/notes to the custom object field before they go on with the approval.


I am a newbie to creating an approval processes using Apex code.


Any guidance on this will be highly appreciated.




Matt ThomasMatt Thomas



Have you first looked into the native SFDC Approval Processes? If so, and you've determined that the logic of your process cannot be handled declaratively, then that's fine. However, it would be easier to help if you provided more information about your situation: What are the three steps? What about the Apex are you stuck on, creating pages/classes? syntax/logic? design? Post more information and I'd be happy to help.


Hi Matt,


Thanks for your response.

Here is the requirement, the user who initiates an approval process can select any particular record and send it across for approval process by entering some comments and the next approver would be approving the record by entering some comments and signing the record and the second approver would be doing the same, entering the comments and sign and submit for the next appover. The last and final approver would enter some comments and signs the record and the contents of the record should be sent out as an email.


This is precisely my requirement. As I have mentioned I need to implement it using an Apex code but do not know where and how  to start  from.


Any hep is greatly appreciated.





Sab L 10Sab L 10
Hi Bugu, I am also trying to implement very similar to yours. Do you got any help or figured it out how to implement? can you share some sample code.