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remove deuplicate and original value from list

I have a list and I need to find if a duplicate value exists in the list and remove both the duplicate value and the original value.


I know I can remove the duplicate by using a map or set, but I need to remove the original value as well.


For example, if I have a string list:


List<String> strings = new List<String>{ 'one', 'two', 'three', 'four', 'one', 'four'};


after removing the duplicates and originals I would have:


{ 'two', 'three' }


Any help is appeciated.


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Hi boheminanguy100,


with a list, I think that you will have to loop twice through it. This is how I would do it.


Let me know if this helps...


List<String> strings = new List<String>{ 'one', 'two', 'three', 'four', 'one', 'four'}; // this is your original list
Map<String, List<Integer>> counterMap = new Map<String, List<Integer>>(); 
Integer pos = 0;

// 1st loop to identify those items that are duplicates
// We store essentially store the list content in a map ordered by string values, and track the index
for (String stringItem: strings) {
  if (counterMap.get(stringItem) == null) {
    counterMap.put(stringItem, new List<Integer>{pos});
  } else {

// This list will contain the index of all the items to remove
List<Integer> positionsToRemove = new List<Integer>();

// 2nd loop to remove them from the list
// We start from the end of the list because when removing, we want to remove from the end...
for (Integer i=strings.size()-1; i >= 0 ; i--) {
  String stringItem = strings[i];
  // We need at least 2 occurances of the string for it to qualify to be deleted
  if (counterMap.get(stringItem) != null && counterMap.get(stringItem).size() > 1) {

System.debug('\nRemoving ' + positionsToRemove);

for (Integer indexToRemove: positionsToRemove) {

System.debug('\nMy new list: ' + strings);