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How to implement same way as Lead Change Owner - queue/user picklist + Lookup

Hi there,
on the lead change owner page, there is a picklist with two options : user and queue, then followed by a user/queue lookup
is there any way to implement the same way as lead change owner page? so if select queue the look up only shows/filters queues, if select user in the picklist only filter on the user
thanks in advance
Ron HessRon Hess
Yes, i think you can implement this using lookups, one for each type queue and user, then depending on the selection in the pull down, you render the correct user or queue lookup element.
In summer08, the inputField component should handle this automatically when bound to an Owner field for an object that has Queues defined. 
Thanks Ron and Aballard
 is there any code/object example for queue lookup element, i only found user lookup element
thanks again

Message Edited by Feng on 05-19-2008 02:34 PM
There is no specific example for a "queue lookup". The only place that the application exposes a lookup to queue is for the ownerid on queue-ownable objects like lead, case and any custom object that has been configured appropritately. 

In the summer '08 release inputField bound to the ownerId of any of these objects will present a picker (User/Group) next to the standard lookup element and it will behave as expected.

William HartfordWilliam Hartford
I know this question hasn't had an update in over ten years (and I haven't figured out how to ask a question in order to start a new thread on the topic)...but I am looking into creating a custom field with a "Lookup(User,Queue)" data type  (Lightning/Professional).  Is this possible in 2019?