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Need to Disable option of Selecting "Do not create a new opportunity upon conversion."

This is regarding Lead Conversion.


On clicking convert button on lead page we are taken to another page. I have used a custom button and passed the url as "/lead/leadconvert.jsp?retURL=%2F{!Lead.Id}&id={!Lead.Id}&{!Lead.RecordTypeId}&nooppti=1" 


With that given it checks the option of "Do not create a new opportunity upon conversion." 


At the same time I am also looking an option to pass a parameter in URL where I can disable the option of checking it. I am trying to pass a parameter but its not working.

I tried appending to the exisiting url ----> nooppti.disabled =true


But looks like I am passing in a wrong way. Any ideas!!!


Hi Prasad,


I have read all those posts already and implemented the work around of passing in url.

What I am looking is I need one more variable to set as they did for checking the box.


If you right click on lead conversion page and inspect the element then you will see the variable associated with that checkbox. In this case its "nooppti". Thats the reason they are passing "nooppti=1" in url to make it checked.

If you add an attribute as "disabled" then it gets disabled and no one can check it or uncheck it, it simply gets disabled.


I am looking for a way where I can pass that javascript in url. If anyone strong at javascript please suggest an Idea.

I have tried -------> nooppti.disabled =true and nooppti.disabled =1. But its not working.




by this i am setting true to false i.e nooppti=0 instead of nooppti=1 . 


Let me know , if you are okay with this . Although, there could be other ways as well.