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Controller Extension constructor for collection of records

I can't find any details in the documentation for how one would go about setting up VF page that uses the Standard controller for and object and a controller extension when the page is designed to expect a set of records rather than a single one. Would you still use the ApexPages.StandardController.getRecord() method? Also what if you wanted to use the same controller to handle both the single record case and the multi-record case. How would you evaluate what the standardcontroller returns to determine whether you're getting a single record or a set? In the case of a single record, I'd rather do this evaluation prior to the property assignment statement and avoid having to go through assigning the results to a single element collection just to then assign them to the single record...if possible.

Thanks for any info on how this works. Hey, and congrats to everyone involved in the Summer 08 release! :)
One of the things we're working on for the next release is support for set oriented standard controller functionality. There is currently no directly supported mechanism to use visualforce to override set oriented actions. You can of course write a custom controller or extension using apex code that is set oriented or mixes in the set orientation to the standard controller.
Can anybody give an example?
As I have a situation where I have list of records with checkbox.
On clicking one or more check boxes I want to carry out some actions.
Is it possible to use a <Input type="checkbox"...> or a column needs to be defined in the object.
I tried with javascript but the connection is failing? if the system log is open then it works.