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How to display dependent picklist in Visualforce

I want to create a Visualforce page that includes some of the fields defined for the Case object, like the first step of a wizard to create a new case. Two of them are dependent picklist, I put them in my page as inputfield, but the dependency is not implemented! I've been thinking about creating this dependency manually, but I get stuck. With Summer'08 I'm able to get picklist values using Apex, but I can't know which are the values dependency. I would need some function like the "validfor" that exists in the API accesible from Apex code.
Do you have any idea of how to implement this using Visualforce?

facing the same issue...any advise here, somebody?


Do the same procedure how you display normal text field.

Salesforce from this summer 10 they support dependent pciklist in VF.

The only thing you have to change your API version to 19.0.

Change your class and VF page to the API version 19.0 it works fine for me.






Thanks to Suresh.

After searching many threads on community, I was about to conclude that 'Dependent Picklist are not supported on visualforce Page'.

But That's wrong. If our visualforce file belongs to API version 18 or prior, dependent picklist will not work.

So just modify your visulaforce page version to latest version available and see things working.

Please close all threads on this topic with this solution.