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param and assignTo and actionFunction

I have the following bits of code... it all worked prior to the summer 08 upgrade (well, I changed to the new style of setters/getters).  Am I doing something wrong... the ContactInFocus variable in the controller in not getting set. 

in controller:

Id contactInFocus{get;set;}

In page:

<apex:actionFunction action="{!quickLog}" name="apex_quickLog" rerender="pbCallList" status="ajaxStatus"  oncomplete="setSelectedContacts();">
   <apex:param assignto="{!ContactInFocus}" name="contactInFocus" value=""/>

... and... 

<apex:form >

 <img  src="{!URLFOR($Resource.Silk_Icons, 'tick.png')}" 
   alt="Log that you've called this contact"
   title="Log that you've called this contact"
   class="inlineIcon {!IF(each.contactedToday,'contactedToday','')}" 
   onclick="apex_quickLog(contactInFocus='{!}');" /> 

The code generated looks okay, e.g.:


I believe that "well, I changed to the new style of setters/getters" is the source of the problem - can you please post the code for the controller?
Okay, I realize I should have eliminated that possibility before posting (and will investigate)... but if you can see anything wrong (particularly if I've got anything wrong with the setter), let me know and save me some time.  Thanks ...

        Id contactInFocus{get;set;}
public void quickLog() { System.debug('\n\n\n IN QUICK LOG \n\n\n' ); quickOrFullLog( 'Quick Log' ); } public void quickOrFullLog( String subj ) { System.debug('\n\n\n IN QUICKORFULLLOG \n\n\n'); Task newTask = new task( WhoId = contactInFocus, ActivityDate =, Subject = subj, Status = 'Completed', Type = 'Call', Description = 'Logged from Call List: ' + listName ); try { insert newTask; } catch(Exception e) { System.debug(e); } }