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Brijesh KumarBrijesh Kumar 

how to create a log-out link on visualforce page

On salesforce application there is log-out facility.I wants same facility on visualforce page.How can i get this facility.
I used this
<apex:page showHeader="false" sidebar="false">
In this page there is no log out link.so i wants logout facility in visualforce page.Please help me .It's very urgent requirement for my project.
Thanks & Regards
Brijesh Kumar Baser
    Hi Brijesh,

        You can use this hyperlink as a logout, it will work simillar to salesforce logout.
          <a href="/secur/logout.jsp" class="logout">Logout</a>

    Try this it will work, all the best.

Brijesh KumarBrijesh Kumar
Hi hisrinu
Thanks for your reply.This is greate for my project application.
Thanks & Regards
brijesh Kumar Baser