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Override 'New' with custom VF page

I apologized if this has been asked before, but I've searched through the discussion boards and haven't seen anything like this yet.

I've overidden the "New" standard button for the Task object with a custom VF page. This works fine in almost all cases except for this case

1. Override the Task object's "New" functionality with any S-control or VF page
2. Use the "Create new" dropdown menu on left nav to start the page flow for creating a new record.
3. Click "Continue" on Recordtype selection page (as far as I have tested, object has to go through the Recordtype selection page to reproduce this behavior)
4. On the next page, without submitting, select "Create New" on the left nav to repeat steps 2 - 4 again.
5. On the 3rd or 4th try, I am redirected to the default page to create a new task, instead of the custom VF page.

I have been able to reproduced this with the Contact object with a simple html s-control instead of a VF page

Is this a standard Salesforce behavior for users who seem to be stuck in the "Create New" loop?

It is possible that some users would use the "Create New" dropdown on the left nav to restart the page flow for convenience when they've made a mistake in their data entry, instead of cancelling out their current flow before restarting the "Create New" flow. I guess this could be a very rare use case, but I would like to know if this is a bug, or a "feature" by Salesforce?

Thanks in advance ..
That's not expected behavior. I would submit a bug. You might want to shoot a quick screen capture video with Jing and pass that on to support since it seems like a hard to reproduce bug.