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No Add Case options in Outlook

Hey folks. I have a user who's had plenty of problems just getting the outlook integration to load in her machine. Now that we have it working, she can't get any "add case" options, and in fact the tools - options - salesforce options is missing from her menu.
I am disinclined to remove and reinstall because of all the problems in the past.
Anyone have familiarity or tips to share?


For some reason, every once in a while the Toolbar disappears in Outlook. Further, when you go to Tools > Salesforce Options, you will not see 'Salesforce Options' anymore.

Have your user try the following:

1. In Outlook, go to Help > About Microsoft Office Outlook.

2. When the window appears, click the Disabled Items button.

3. When the Disabled Items window appears, highlight the first row and click the 'Enable' button. Repeat as needed if there are any other rows in the box until the box is empty. Click the 'Close' button when complete.

4. Click the 'OK' button to close the first window opened.

5. Close Outlook, wait 1 minute, and re-start Outlook again.

6. The Outlook Toolbar should now be back.

Good Luck!


Tried this one but no luck. This person's computer seems to have issues in general. Thanks, though.
There is a ButtonStateCreateCase option in the O_Dictionary.xml, that when set to true enables the Add Case button.  That might help out the situation.  If you are unfamiliar with this file check out the salesforce_outlook_admin_cheatsheet.pdf that can be found under the Personal Setup->Desktop Integration->Connect For Microsoft Outlook section of your instance of salesforce. 
Eventually the desktop help desk got it working. This person has had some other issues. It's not fully clear to me what the problem was but it seems to be working now, so they can get logging cases.

I've been able to make the "Create Case" button disappear by using the o_dictionary.xml file, but having no luck making the "Quick Create" button on the Change Association dialog go away.  We don't allow our sales folks to create new accounts - they must work through "Data Custodians" who have access Hoovers to look up accurate account data and won't create duplicate accounts.


So, I don't want users with the Outlook Connect feature to create Accounts via the Quick Create button either.


I've tried doing the exact same syntax as I did for the "ButtonStateCreateCase" flag by using:

<PutRegistry name="EnableQuickCreate" type="string" value="false" />

in the OverrideOptions section, but the button still exists on the Change Associations dialog.


Anyone ever have success with this kind of thing?




What if you just took away those users' rights to create accounts?

Hello JAW99 and thanks for your reply.


We have prevented users from creating Accounts within the SFDC interface and this would likely (although I need to test this) prevent them from actually being able to create the account via the Outlook interface, but I was hoping to avoid the confusion altogether and hide the button so they don't get some hard to decipher error message if they happen to click on it and enter some new Account data.


Thanks for your feedbac.

If you create a validation rule to prevent an action, the alert will appear in the Outlook interface. I put a rules in to prevent users from logging a case without a contact, or to create a contact without attaching it to an account. If they attempt to do one of these things, they see a small window that tells them they need to associate the case with a contact, or the need to associate the contact with an account, etc.