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How to lock down some of the settings in the Salesforce plugin?

Dear All,

We want to limit the user permission in Salesforce plugin, and changed the O_Dictonary.xml file to this:

<OverrideOptions value="true">
<PutRegistry name="DisplaySplash" type="string" value"false"/> <PutRegistry name="DoNotRevertOptions" type="string"value"true"/>
<PutRegistry name="ModifyConflictResolution" type="string"value"false"/>
<PutRegistry name="ModifyFieldMappings" type="string"value"true"/>
<CanModifySyncEntities value="true" />
<Sync entity="Contact" value="false" />
<Sync entity="Event" value="true" />
<Sync entity="Task" value="true" />
<CanModifySyncDirection value="false" />
<SyncDirection entity="Contact" value="Both" />
<SyncDirection entity="Event" value="Import" />
<SyncDirection entity="Task" value="Export" /> <CanModifyConflictResolution value="false" />
</OverrideOptions> </Document>

But when I try to start up outlook afterwards, outlook crashes, and afterwards the salesforce plug-in is missing.

Can anybody help to tell me how the Put Registry strings needs to look like?

Thank you very much.

Best Regards
Ryan He


Hello Hemin,


I am also having difficulties with the o_dictionary.xml file, but for me the changes to the file are being added to the registry, but not having the effect on the interface that I had hoped.


I have seen problems similar to yours and the only way I managed to get around it was to start over with a clean o_dictionary file (and registry) and make your configuration changes one at a time to determine which one is not syntactically correct (presuming that is the cause).


Hope this helps.




I would recommend you replace the o_dictionary file with the original, then make all the changes you want in your own Outlook settings (through the application itself). Then save them, this should them update your file with the proper settings. This way the tool is making the changes, rather than you trying to modify the xml directly.


Good Luck.


Thanks Hayli, that's good advice for configurable items that can be affected via the interface.


Also, your post reminded me to update on what I found since last posting.  Basically, there are a couple of settings that do not appear to be documented that affect the QuickCreate buttons within the OE3 interface.  Specifically, the following can be added to the O_Dictionary.xml file:


<PutRegistry name="DisableQuickCreateAccount" type="string" value="true" />

<PutRegistry name="DisableQuickCreateContact" type="string" value="true" />

<PutRegistry name="DisableQuickCreateLead" type="string" value="true" />


Adding these items to our file fixes the problems that we had.


Thanks again,




One Question team,

<SyncDirection entity="Event" value="Import" />

What does Import mean here? Is it syncing from Event in Salesforce to Notes or syncing Notes Event to Salesforce?

I mean "Export" and "Import" are relative to Salesforce or Notes?