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MS Outlook with SFDC addin and using EMS EmailXtender Service

Currently we are experimenting with the outlook integration piece with SFDC.  Corporately we use the EMC EmailXtender service for archiving emails.
We have seemed to notice an issue with the Outlook intergration addin with the EmailXTender service enabled for users.

Is there a way for us to work around this?

In addition we've noticed that if we bypass our corporate proxy server then there is not an issue however we don't want to do that.  What configuration is neccesary and is bypassing the proxy server our only option?



When attempting to use the proxy, how are your configuring the machine to use it?


FYI - Connect for Outlook does not support the "Automatically Detect Settings" option in Internet Explorer.


If you are not using that option, we have seen some plug-ins interfere with Connect for Outlook when a proxy is involved.  Customers have had some success with uninstalling all plug-ins and then reinstalling Connect for Outlook first.  As you've discovered, bypassing the proxy also works.


Was there another issue you were experiencing, too? 




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