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Connect for Outlook and Developer Edition

Is Connect for Outlook available in the Developer Edition?

If not, why not?


How can someone with a Developer Edition become experienced with the product in order to advise a client?

Erica KuhlErica Kuhl
yes - as far as I know it is.  Are you having issues?

I am unable to install Connect for Outlook. In my salesforce.com developer edition, it does not appear in the  under the Setup>Personal Setup>Desktop Integration section.


I also tried to install it using the 'Download Connect for Outlook' link on this page: http://www.salesforce.com/community/crm-best-practices/it-professionals/integration/desktop-integration/connect-outlook-feature.jsp


and received the following error:

Insufficient Privileges You do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation you requested. Please contact the owner of the record or your administrator if access is necessary.

I am using an administrator account and have turned on all access rights.


Is there something that I am missing? Do I need to call someone at salesforce.com to enable Connect for Outlook for my developer edition organization?


Thanks in advance for your assistance - as this is becoming more of an issue for us as we try to assist our client.

You are correct -- Developer Edition users cannot use Connect for Outlook.  What about posting an idea to the IdeaExchange?
ravi tejaravi teja


How do I integrate salesforce with outlook? Is it possible for a developer edition? Thanks in advance