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Custom Object Fields used for Relating Email in Outlook Connect

Is it possible to search on more than just the "Standard" field in a custom object when relating an email to that object. If you set the object name field (Service name in the illustrated example, attached) to an Auto Number then end users need to know that number to relate email to it. This is problematic as they may not have that number readily available or even have SF open. The alternative is to use "Text " as the type for the object name which requires them to name each record in that object. The look up in Outlook Connect may be a bit simpler as they can search on text that they probably are more familiar. This becomes a problem as many of these objects are added and it becomes hard to distinguish between them. 


Neither solution seems to work well (unless there is a way to search on multiple fields from within Connect)


Any ideas/solutions.


many thanks 


I have the same problem.

I am trying to add emails to a custom object using a subject instead of an auto-number, but can't seem to have any luck. Have you found a solution yet?




I have found no solution yet. Called support and they said this was not possible. This seriously limits Outlook Connect in a Force.com environment.