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Salesforce to Outlook sync

I would like to sync my Outlook contacts to Salesforce in the following manner:


  1. I have several Contacts folders in Outlook.  ALL of the contacts in all of the folders need to be synchronized with Salesforce at all times.
  2. I have custom fields in Salesforce that allow me to designate a contact as being part of one group of people or another.  For example, I work in politics, and have a "GOP" and a "Dem" checkbox field.  In Outlook, I do not have custom fields for the same purpose because I want each group of people listed in its own Outlook folder.


Does the Salesforce Outlook/desktop integration plugin have the ability to reconcile these differences when it synchronizes?


I don't mind doing a manual import of each Outlook folder to Salesforce, and in the process making sure I set each contact to have the appropriate Salesforce custom fields mapped.  But I only want to do that once.  I manage/create/change most of my contacts and activities in Outlook, and want the sync to be relatively automatic after the first pass.


Alternatively, can the plugin synchronize an Outlook category to a Salesforce custom field?  (E.g.: if it has category "GOP", synchronize the contact to make sure the relevant custom field is marked true.  Note that Outlook contacts would have multiple categories, most likely.)



Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  And if I'm massively over-complicating this, please feel free to hit me over the head and let me know!




Hi Dan,


Connect for Outlook only supports syncing with a single Outlook folder.  You'd have to go with a custom Outlook field to accomplish the mapping to the custom Contact field in Salesforce.


We do plan to move away from using the Outlook category "Salesforce.com" to indicate records that have been marked for sync in a future version.  This change would allow you to use the category to segment data, as you describe.




Hello Blake,


Can you please help.


I am trying to work on outlook connect. I am System Administrator for the org.  When I go to Tools --> Salesforce Options --> Contacts --> Advanced --> Field Maps, I can't change or edit field mappings. You are currently running in restricted mode. Some options are set by your administrator. I am not sure what needs to be done to enable this.


Also this is what I got from cheatsheet. I don't see this tab.


Click the User Permissions tab. For reference, the Synchronization Settings area summarizes

the settings you made in the previous step.

Select or deselect the following options:

Users can modify which objects are synchronized

Users can modify field mappings

Users can modify conflict resolution options

Users can modify the direction of synchronizations

Users can use quick create


I am trying to sync a contact, it says Invalid field index::assistantphone. Not sure why it dies so. I think mapping is correct.


Any help/suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thanks.


HI Blake,


Any idea when the salesforce.com category will be removed?


ALso I am trying to sync a Salesforce.com formula field to an Outlook field.  Is this possible?  Is there a work-around?  Thanks.