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Need App - Schedule and Format Reports

I am looking for an application (or solution) to schedule formatted reports to users outside SF. We have weekly reports of data that we send to clients / managers we were able to accomplish this task via Jaspersoft 4 Salesforce. We could schedule reports, format the report, as well as PDF the report for distribution as an attachment.  However, their application is going away in the next month or two and I MUST HAVE a Solution prior to this. Anyone know of an application that accomplishes this or a solution (that is relatively easy)?  Any assistance is appreciated!  Thanks!


Check into Conga Courier to see if it will meet your needs.



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I've seen Conga Courier and will need to Test Drive or Demo. 


It looked like reports were sent in "printable view" which was why I am hesitant to say this will solve my problem.  Our execs want to be able to open an attachment and print without having to format excel to print on one page. That was why the PDF functionality was so nice.




If you are interested we can come up with an custom Solution for your requirements.


Please let me know your thoughts.





I need this too.  I have amatrix report that ecexutives want to print.  I can import it into Excel, but I have to do manual formatting to make it printable.  ALOT of manual formatting.  IMO this should be a standard SFDC feature.


Heather, have you found anything since you last posted on this?

No luck so far.  It's still a need, but until we find a solution we are wasting resources customizing reports and distributing them on our own. :smileysad:

I have beenthinking that maybe this needs to be a visualforce doc with a SOQL query.  Now - I can say that that would probably work - do I have the chops to build it?, not yet.  I totally want to learn, but it would sure be nice if we could have some kinid of functionality like this already packaged.  I would love to have the ability to format reports the way I(or my execs) want to see them. There are some ideas posted out there that you might want to go vote up if you have not already.

If Conga Courier doesn't meet your needs, check out Crystal Reports.  That one let's you format reports however you'd like.

No, unfortunately Conga Courier does not do what we need.  Im sure Crystal Reports is fabulous, but its also spendy.  The people I build reports for are not looking to add any costs, and think that Salesforce should already have this capacity.  I am inclined to agree.



Try "Transform" over at 3rd party tool which sits on a small server (can be low end). You set your existing system to print reports to the Transform server (MSWindows). Transform receives the print job, recognizes the report via a programmable map and can do may things with it from there.. including drop data into Excel, PDF, email, fax, html/xml, barcode lables, etc. This is an enterprise tool and will cost a few $K to get up an running, but very nice, efficient and keeps you from having to do anything to your existing system, except for setting it to be able to print to standard printers on a Windows server.