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How are we expected to create more than one Picklist on a Visualforce Page

For example, say I want to create a Visualforce page that has a SelectList for two fields like: Account.multipickone and Account.multipicktwo

I get that we can use the getPicklistValues() and create our own SelectList. That's fine. But, you hit the limit of 10 picklist describe calls almost immediately? What about objects w/ 4 or 5 of these multi select fields?

How do you get around this limitation? Please don't tell me we have to hard code SelectOptions. I'm really hoping for a more elegant solution.

Any thoughts on how to get around the limit of 10 getpicklistvalue calls? Is there a better solution?
What about using a apex:inputField?

Thanks... Sure, that's fine for picklist fields. If I have a dozen multi selects to render, I'd rather see those as picklists as well. The inputfield for multi selects take up a ton of room. Is there a way to force the multiselect inputfield to render as a picklist?
I missed the part about multi-select lists. Multi-selects are a little tricky as they are not a standard web component but something custom built by Unfortunetly I don't know of any way to render a multi-select list has a picklist. The only thing I can think of is controllering the height of the multi-picklist with styling but that's still not the best solution.

Sorry I can't think of anything else.
You can use getpicklistvalue calls to build out a select option list... but, you hit the limit of 10 of those calls in no time at all. Seems like there should be a solution for this.

Thanks for the help. Anyone from SF have a better practice for this?