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inputText doesn't use the setter method to save the datas

Hi again,

I have a problem with my inputText markups, it seems it doesn't want to save the datas I put in it.
I write the datas in the check box, press enter, it reloads the page, the datas are still displayed and that's cool.
But when I use my date picker to view another table with other datas and that I go back to the previous table, the datas I've written are lost, even though I'm saving all the tables I've opened. But it seems that the inputText doesn't use my setter methods.

Precisions : I'm using custom classes, no SalesForce sObjects and the datas are retrieved from another database via XML.

Does anyone have a clue for my problem ?
Ron HessRon Hess
can you use the same controller for both pages?
can you avoid the use of