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Globally replace a standard detail page with a custom Visual Force page

Maybe I'm missing this and it's easy, but is there a way to globally replace the standard Account form throughout the application from any account link in other objects?

In other words, if I create my own custom VF account page, and I click the account link from an opportunity list, case list, contact form, etc. how do I automatically make all links to account detail forms go to my new VF page? OR do I have to replace any standard page in the application with a new VF page that will open it's account links to my new VF account form?
Go to Setup>Customize>Accounts>Buttons and Links

Here you can override the View, Edit, New, etc pages. View is basically the Detail Layout. One thing to note is that VF pages don't currently support RecordTypes so if you are using RecordTypes to drive page layouts this may require some additional work.

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Though I just added something to the IdeaExchange to encourage custom visual force pages by record type:


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