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Visualforce Email Templates - Input Field Help

Can Input Text be used in a visualforce email template?  If so how.  It won't let me use apex:form and I can't use an input field with out the apex:form.  Well at least I don't think I can.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
No, forms and all form dependent components are not allowed in Visualforce email templates.
Is there anyway at all to put to input fields in a visual force email template?
You can try putting raw HTML input elements in there but our components and binding to the controller on the email template is not going to be possible.

On a related note, I would like to have a template that loads information from an opportunity page....which I have, however I want part of the template to be un-editable (the information from the opportunity) and another part, say a top section for 'comments', to be editable by the our case to add an additional comment such as 'hurry up with this one' or whatever....

I was putting a field on the opportunity page in which they could type something they want added to the email, but that is kind of cheese, and since there are multiple people sending multiple emails regarding the opportunity, making sure that bogus comments do not get input is difficult.

Am I digging for a solution that doesn't exist, or is this possible and how?


I am looking for something similar as well. For me, it doesn't matter if the email is completely editable or not, but that the user can edit a section accordingly to make it a little bit more personal

The problem here is that when the user enters the information what are you going to post back to that doesn't require them to login? And if you are OK forcing them to login then how much value is there in letting them edit from their inbox versus the online form that you can provide a link to in the email?



If you want to make it easy for users to add comments to a record, (e.g. opportunity) one thing you could do is create an email service to which they can forward the email, parsing the subject you set in the Visualforce email template for an ID of the oppty, and just put their response into a comment.




Is there any way to get the input from user and send mail ?


We can do programatically using Apex but for that i have to override standard VF page. 


is there any way to add input box ib email template so that when any one tries to send email.. it should take value from input box.



Jitendra Zaa 


Input elements are not supported. You can use custom components  and attach them as pdfs etc.