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Getting around Standard Controller Validation

I am having difficulty finding a good solution to the following problem:

I have an edit page for a standard object that uses a standard controller and a controller extension. The controller extension has the following method that I am intending to use in order to implement my custom page redirection logic when "cancel" action occurs on the page:

public PageReference cancel2(){
        PageReference targetPage;
String loopbackUrl = System.currentPageReference().getParameters().get('loopback');

if(loopbackUrl != null && loopbackUrl != ''){
targetPage = new PageReference(loopbackUrl);
return targetPage;
return this.stdController.cancel();

<apex:commandLink action="{!cancel2}" value="></apex:commandLink>

Problem is that when cancel2 action is invoked on the page, the standard controller validation display the error "Error: Name you must enter a value", and the page never gets to my custom cancel routine. What is the best way to get around this?

I also have other scenarios where standard controller validation prevents me from invoking various methods in the extension controller.

Please read the documentation for the immediate attribute on commandButton.
Thanks a lot. This exactly was I was looking for.