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Failed to login to Salesforce

Was previously working fine when synching emails, but started getting failed to login message...


"TotalRequests Request limit exceeded"


Reset the security token but it still didn't work.


Any help would be appreciated.

Noya ANoya A
We have the same problem! Help!

This is probably down to the API Requests limit for your org, you can go to Setup > Company Profile > Company Information to see if this is whats causing the problem (it should be dispalyed in the right hand column under Organization Detail).


The limit is based on the number of users & the edition you are on, and is reset every 24hrs.


Please let me know if this helps?


Good luck


Noya ANoya A
Dear forcedotcom, I didn't find any clue in the "Company Information" about the API Requests limit size.

Hi - OK in that case its may not be the issue. I'm guessing that if you can't see an API limit then you're probably on Pro Edition (?) in which case the API restrictions shouldn't kick in (that I'm aware of)


I'd suggest taking this up with salesforce support if that is the case.