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SF PlugIn isn't running with Outlook 2010 (x86 and x64)



has anyone up and running Outlook 2010 and the Salesforce Plugin?

Currently I check the new Office version. But the SF Plugin makes always stress. 


Anyone here with experience or any hints? 


Thx, olli 

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After a frustrating year waiting for Salesforce to acknowledge their total lack of support, much less do something about it, the consensus in the multiple theads discussing this problem is to forget about Salesforce and go with LinkPoint Vue instead.


Salesforce doesn't do certain things well or at all - so you look to AppExchange for a solution.


Same exact thing here.  

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I have the Office 2010 Beta version as well and  not able to access the Add In on Excel 2010


It's still available on my Excel 2007; however I'd prefer to stay on Excel 2010.


Eric Ramos


Ditto. Moving from the Technical Preview to Beta didn't make any difference. Install must fail but it never tells you...


What changed in add-ins?


Is there a manual way to add this ourselves?

I can confirm this. If a new outlook connector beta should show up, I'd volunteer to test it....

That makes two of us!


Has Salesforce said anything about the next release?


I need the Salesforce Plugin for Outlook 2010 as well.



Yes, I need this functionality as well. Thank you.

I must use the Outlook Beta - it's my industry, it's why I have a business.  So again as with any plugin product, I am forced to choose between that product and Microsoft. Sure I blame Microsoft - but that doesn't help much.


Can we not dispense with the plugin entirely?  There is a company in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that builds an Exchange Server / Salesforce interface - maybe this is the right direction for Salesforce?


In any case - is there any Salesforce staff monitoring this forum who can give some advice today?  Is a plugin being developed?   Is there a Salesforce engineer who is looking into this issue?




It's not working with Office 2010, it crashed outlook... ANy help?


Now that MS Office is past beta, and I believe in RTM how long will it be until we see the SF Plugin work in Office 2010?


We are aware of the issue internally and would be looking into a fix. 



I certainly hope that this is released soon.  I need this connectivity again, asap!


LinkPoint Vue's latest Pre-release now supports Outlook 2010. Both the 32bit and 64bit versions of Outlook 2010 and Windows 7 are supported.


LinkPoint Vue is a CRM Adoption Accelerator between Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce!


  • Instantly view Contact information from your salesforce in your Outlook for each recipient of an email or calendar.
  • Quickly view Opportunities, Cases, Notes, Tasks and Events from your CRM.
  • View, Edit, or Create a new Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, or Case directly from LinkPoint Vue with the click of the mouse button.
  • Click-to-record the email right into a contact, lead, opportunity or case.

Key Salesforce Productivity Challenges and Solutions


Salesforce AppExchange


How to create a new Contact in from an Email Signature


Product Overview


LinkPoint Vue Installation


Awesome, thanks for this. Installed and working.  Quick question, though: Is there anyway to sync all of our Saleforce contacts to our Outlook 2010, automatically, with LP Vue? This would save us a lot of time and instantly align everything that we have on our Saleforce system to our Outlook 2010.


Let me know, thanks!


I wanted to share something that seems to be working for me as a workaround to this problem.  I am not a developer, but I often find myself interested in or tasked with solving crazy issues like this that have no immediate solution or workaround.  Sometimes that involves working with code, but I wanted to emphasize that I'm more of an admin by trade rather than a programmer, so I'm mostly putting this out there to see what others think about it.


The issue seems to occur when Outlook tries to initialize various callbacks in the IRibbonControl interface.


Add-in execution error. Outlook crashed during the 'GetVisible' callback of the 'IRibbonControl' interface while calling into the ' Outlook Edition Enhanced' add-in.


As I understand, there were some changes in terms of how custom ribbons should be coded between Outlook 2007 and 2010.  My theory here is that thecallback code that has been written to implement the Salesforce ribbon (when called from xml) isn't compatable with 2010, and Office is by design supposed to check add-ins when it opens and crash immediately if there's a problem with any of them.


Easy enough to figure out which dll we're dealing with..


If we open that dll with Visual Studio 2010 we can expand String Table and double click it to edit it.




Copying that, pasting it in an editor, and doing some basic structuring gives us:


<customUI xmlns="" loadImage="LoadRibbonImage" onLoad="OnRibbonLoad">   
  <tabs><!-- Note: The button id's must be the same as in GlobalDefs.h so they can be turned off with reg keys -->           
   <tab id="SFDCTab" label="" getVisible="GetVisible">               
   <group id="EmailGroup" label="{EMAIL_GROUP_LABEL}" getVisible="GetVisible">                   
   <button id="SendAddMail" size="large" label="{SENDADD_LABEL}" screentip="{SENDADD_LABEL}" supertip="{SENDADD_TIP}" image="SendAdd56x56.png" getEnabled="GetEnabled" getVisible="GetVisible" onAction="ButtonClicked" />                   
   <button id="AddressBook" size="large" label="{ADDRBOOK_LABEL}" screentip="{ADDRBOOK_LABEL}" supertip="{ADDRBOOK_TIP}" image="AddressBook56x56.png" getEnabled="GetEnabled" getVisible="GetVisible" onAction="ButtonClicked" />                   
   <button id="AddMail" size="large" label="{ADDEMAIL_LABEL}" screentip="{ADDEMAIL_LABEL}" supertip="{ADDEMAIL_TIP}" image="AddEmail56x56.png" getEnabled="GetEnabled" getVisible="GetVisible" onAction="ButtonClicked" />                   
   <button id="CreateCase" size="large" label="{CREATECASE_LABEL}" screentip="{CREATECASE_LABEL}" supertip="{CREATECASE_TIP}" image="CreateCase56x56.png" getEnabled="GetEnabled" getVisible="GetVisible" onAction="ButtonClicked" />        

   <group id="ItemGroup" label="{ITEM_GROUP_LABEL}" getVisible="GetVisible">                   
   <button id="SaveMarkSync" size="large" label="{SAVEMARK_LABEL}" screentip="{SAVEMARK_LABEL}" supertip="{SAVEMARK_TIP}" image="SaveMark56x56.png" getEnabled="GetEnabled" getVisible="GetVisible" onAction="ButtonClicked" />              
   <group id="AssociationsGroup" label="{ASSOCIATIONS_GROUP_LABEL}" getVisible="GetVisible">                   
   <button id="Associations" size="large" label="{ASSOCIATIONS_LABEL}" screentip="{ASSOCIATIONS_LABEL}" supertip="{ASSOCIATIONS_TIP}" image="AcctLookup56x56.png" getEnabled="GetEnabled" getVisible="GetVisible" onAction="ButtonClicked" />
   <button id="View" size="large" label="{VIEW_LABEL}" screentip="{VIEW_LABEL}" supertip="{VIEW_TIP}" image="View56x56.png" getEnabled="GetEnabled" getVisible="GetVisible" onAction="ButtonClicked" />                   
   <button id="Who" size="normal" getLabel="GetLabel" getScreentip="GetScreentip" getSupertip="GetSupertip" image="View56x56.png" getEnabled="GetEnabled" getVisible="GetVisible" onAction="ButtonClicked" />                   
   <button id="What" size="normal" getLabel="GetLabel" getScreentip="GetScreentip" getSupertip="GetSupertip" image="View56x56.png" getEnabled="GetEnabled" getVisible="GetVisible" onAction="ButtonClicked" />               


If we trash most of that, leaving in only say the <customUI> tag, and save the dll, when Outlook loads the add-in, it doesn't have what it needs to try to implement it as a ribbon, and throws the normal buttons under the Add-Ins tab like a legacy add in or custom button.


It's not as pretty and versatile as it is when implemented as it's own ribbon control, but all of the functions I've tested so far work exactly as they should.  Anybody else have any thoughts on this?  I know it's a bit of a hack, but if you keep it from loading as a custom ribbon it seems to work :-)


Hello Enickma, was just wondering if this code modification was still working for you? It looks like you might be onto something there.  Anyways it's worth a shot, eh?


It is working still. I did, however, decide that rather than editing the 101 value in the dll, I'd just delete it entirely.  Seems the same, behavior-wise.  I can zip the modified .dll up and link it for download if you want to try it out.

Hey there. I just deleted ribbon to /ribbon and it works fine. Seems like such a simple no brainer. You'd think those nerdy cloud designin' overpaid .... at sf could have figured it out by now. Thanks for the great post, enickma.

Good to hear!  Thanks for the update.


Yes please.


Can anyone tell me is this workaround works for Outlook 2010 x64? I was under the impression that the incompatibility is an ActiveX issue.


After a frustrating year waiting for Salesforce to acknowledge their total lack of support, much less do something about it, the consensus in the multiple theads discussing this problem is to forget about Salesforce and go with LinkPoint Vue instead.


Salesforce doesn't do certain things well or at all - so you look to AppExchange for a solution.


Same exact thing here.  

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Hi Enickma, would you be able to provide the edited dll?




Hi Enickma, i would like to receive the dll. I download Visual Studio and could make the changes but for some reason can't save the file :S


You can contact me via the mailaddress to be found on


Thanks a million




I succeeded in changing the dll (user permission rights). I get the SalesForce buttons in the general Outloo screen, but NOT in a specific mail. So i Cant use Send and Add to Salesforce. What to do?


Hi our company plans to migrate to Outlook 2010.

We would need a SF pluging for Outlook 2010 urgently.




Unbelievable, but as far as I know Salesforce still does NOT support Office 2010..............................................


If you are migrating to Outlook 2010 32 or 64bit and need a SF Plugin, take a look at LinkPoint Connect for Salesforce. Besides providing better email and synchronization, LinkPoint provides another component, LinkPoint Vue. This will display all your Salesforce Contact or Lead data directly inside Outlook in addition to providing dozens of productivity features. This quickly results in increased CRM Adoption and user Productivity for the user. More information and a trial can be found at




I've been using LinkPoint since last year and it's by far and away the best and most reliable solution.


I consider it a must-have - in fact you can't make any viable connection between Outlook and Salesforce without it. It's just like getting an iPhone or Android phone - you can't take full advantage of them without 3rd party apps.


I've also found that the LinkPoint folks are very communicative and great to work with.  Good vendor all around!




Can't agree, the normal SF plugin works more fluently and free of use


Nick -


This is a great option for a fix.  I got the 'add email' functionality working, but was wondering if you had any advice for getting the send/add button to show up or the salesforce address book button?




Genius! This worked a treat... Shame SFDC cannot fix their code, when others are able to do so... 


Has anyone found a solution to use the Send & Add Email with Outook 2010?  We followed your suggestion & have the Add in but need this feature too!  Thank you!


Take a look at LinkPoint Connect. It supports Outlook 2010 (x86 and x64) also windows 7 (x86 and x64). If you are at Dreamforce, visit us at booth # 1539.




We used the modification provided to keep the Connect for Outlook functionality with Office 2010 recently.  Has anyone who's also done this, noticed any issues with accessing the Contacts in Outlook?  We have users who's Outlook closes when they click on the Contacts in the left side bar in Outlook.  Outlook re-opens and the same thing happens.  If we disable the Connect For Outlook, users can access their contacts.  We're not sure if this is company wide or just random.  If anyone has noticed similar issues, I'd like to know if it's just the 2010 upgrade or if there's a fix for this so our users can keep the Connect for Outlook enabled.   Thank you in advance for your input.