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Casey @ World SavvyCasey @ World Savvy 

Outlook 07 "Serious error with Salesforce Add-in"

Hi all,

I frequently get following error message after Outlook crashes:


"Outlook has experienced a serious error with the ' outlook edition enhanced' add-in.  If you have seen this message multiple times you should disable the add-in and check to see if an update is available.  Do you want to disable this add-in?"


Sometimes Outlook will disable the add-in on it's own, removing the toolbar.  I've re-installed the add-in a few times, but the issue always returns.  I'm running on Office 07 and Vista.  Any thoughts would be appreciated!





SFDC Developer1.ax756SFDC Developer1.ax756

Does anyone know the cause of this issue? 


It is difficult to ask users to uninstall and re-install the plug in all the time.




Any resolution on this issue? It has now appeared multiple times for me & is crashing my Outlook.


Appreciate it if you could provide suggestions.




SFDC Developer1.ax756SFDC Developer1.ax756

Here is the response I received from Support


"the disable Outlook Error is not necessarily caused by the Salesforce plugin.  In most cases it is caused by Outlook closing abruptly or crashing.  When Outlook starts back up it checks the installed plugins, then recommends disabling them thinking they might have been the cause.  I would recommend training all users to close Outlook properly, either the X in the top right or File | Exit.  I also believe users should minimize their use of Hibernate as this could have the same effect, but I am continuing to investigate.  We should encourage users to not disable the Salesforce Plugin and for any users that are having this issue repeatedly we should log a case to have one of our Outlook experts investigate."



We did not have any  resolution to this error as such. Some users are prone to this error than others because of the way they use the laptop.


Casey @ World SavvyCasey @ World Savvy

Thanks for the response.


I still have this issue occuring, and always shut down Outlook and the computer properly and don't really use the hibernate function.

It's the only Outlook plug-in that has this type of problem.





We are having this issue to with a couple of our users.  Looking at the Ideas forum as well as the developer discussion board it looks like lots of people are having these issues.

So it looks to me like a Salesforce bug which needs to be resolved, otherwise they cannot say that Salesforce interfaces with Outlook succesfully.


I've logged another call with support to try and escalate. 




If you have Exchange server 2007 or greater then maybe you should look at a no software synch for Outlook.


CloudsPlus is server to server integration for Outlook and Salesforce and may be a better option.


No Plugins = No Lockups.




Just checking if there any know issues with outlook 2010 crashing, indicating that same error as 2007 was giving


thanks Kevin


It was a problem with Outlook 2007 & appears to still be a problem with Outlook 2010. Very annoying that after years of problems Salesforce still hasnt got it fixed.