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Shwetal DesaiShwetal Desai 

How can i fetch Id from SelectList component??

here is my code:
String Emps;

public String selectedEmp {get;set;}

public List EmpList;

public List getEmployees()
if (EmpList== null)
Employee__c[] emp = [select Id,Name,Employee__c,FirstName__c,Last_Name__c from Employee__c where Active__c=true ORDER BY Employee__c];
EmpList = new List();
for(Employee__c empl : emp)
EmpList.add(new SelectOption(empl.Id, String.valueOf(empl.Employee__c)));
return EmpList;
catch(Exception ex){return EmpList;}
public String getEmps()
return Emps;
public void setEmps(String Emps)
this.Emps = Emps;
Now in other function i want selected Employee's Id..
But How can i take that??
That function is :
public PageReference saveTc()
Employee__c emps = [select Id,Name,Employee__c,Password__c from Employee__c where Id=:Emps];
if(emps.Password__c == psw)
tc.EmployeeId__c = Emps;
tc.DateTime__c = DateTime.Now();
tc.CheckIn__c = DateTime.Now();
insert tc;
ApexPages.Message msg= new ApexPages.Message(ApexPages.Severity.ERROR, 'Invalid Password !', 'Invalid Password !');
return null;

please help.

Take a look at the blog post below. I use 3 picklists in the Visualforce page that are referenced in the controller extension. This should help.

Jeff Douglas
Informa Plc

Shwetal DesaiShwetal Desai

Thanks a lot for the help