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Source Control for teams of Force.com


Does anyone have any suggestions regarding using source control systems for doing Force.com development. I am working as part of a team of developers working on Force.com based projects. We are all used to using source control via Microsoft Source Safe or SubVersion but given the nature of VisualForce and it accessing Force.com directly upon making a change we are wondering how best to enforce source control in our team. Do any of you have any ideas or suggestions? Are any of you already enforcing source control and if so how?




We've used both CVS and Subversion for source control very effectively. You can also use Google Code for open source projects if you'd like. There are plugins for Eclipse which makes this a breeze. There are a number of posts on the interwebs on how to do this and since you've used source control before, it's shouldn't be too difficult.

Here's an interesting post you might find helpful: http://www.jesselorenz.com/2008/03/get-your-salesforcecom-org-under.html

We've used these guys for CVS and Subversion hosting: http://cvsdude.com/

Jeff Douglas
Informa Plc