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Adding non SalesForce users

Can non salesforce users be added to user lists for access to Visual Force pages?  And if so, how?  Don't see in documentation anywhere so maybe is not possible.

If not, is there a way to create low cost SF users who may not be full SF subscribers?  Or is Customer Portal required?

This is a followup to an earlier thread (  about cross organizational  sharing that was somehow deleted.

Thanks in advance.

You might want to look into the latest technology, Sites.

Please note that this technology is currently in Developer Preview only, but you can get started and develop with it in your Developer Edition org.

Thanks - sounds good. 

Unfortunately I tried to logon (followed link to ttps:// and this never returns (presumably it is setting up environment). I tried several times.

Has anyone had any success? 

Any comments from anyone from this group at I would definitely like to test - interested in the business terms as well.

- BB
Please make sure you are logging into that Sites sign-up website with a Developer Edition account. It will not work for any org except a Developer Edition.

Yes I do have a developer edition account and am using that login.  It doesn't come back with an error or note to this effect  - just never returns. Should I just keep trying?

- BB

Maybe I'll try creating a new account (later when I have time) instead.  Maybe it is having trouble with an exisiting developer edition that has been modified/added to.

- BB
Ok - I created a new account, received a temp password by email and attempted to login in at the preview's login page (  This resulted in an expired password error (Your password is expired. Please login at to reset your password.)

So I tried logging on this standard login page and this temp password was accepted and asked me to change password. So I did that. At this point I was logged into developer edition, which unfortunately looked like standard edition with no Sites support.

I tried logging in again at preview log in page with new account and go same result as my orginal Developer Edition account - nopage  return at all after login info was submitted.

Not sure what to try next. Help on Developer Edition indicated a need to go to a sales rep.

Looks like a service with great potential and I know this is beta but...

Hope you can still help - Any other help about the right key to turn would be appreciated.  For one thing, still not sure if this preview can be accessed through standard login ( or if preview url ( is required.

- BB
I just was able to enroll in Sites with an existing Developer Edition org.

2. Enter your username and password. Do not use the temporary password. Use the one you reset it to in the salesforc.ecom UI.
3. The sign up form should prompt you for your role and interest, then click Submit.

Now log into your Developer Edition org, go to Setup ->  App Setup -> Develop. You should see Sites in that listing now.

OK - thanks.

Eventually able to log in (after creating multiple accts - now need to find how to delete/cleanup accts) - on a different computer (running different OS), however. So related somehow to OS or browser version (such as Javascript on the page - not sure). 

But at least I knew the site worked from your confirmation - so many thanks.

Unfortunately, may not sufficiently address the user issue that initially prompted this exercise since looks like user management still dependent upon Customer portal whenever login is required. It at least enables some non authenticated use for public/open data. 

- BB