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Brijesh KumarBrijesh Kumar 

How can change toolbar color.

I use toolbar ,toolbar group , but i got only green color.
How can i change toolbar color. and i also wants links are in white colors.
I attach my code.please give me suggestions & if possible then give me a sample code.
<apex:toolbar id="theToolbar" styleClass="pbTitle">
                <apex:toolbarGroup itemSeparator="line" location="left" id="toobarGroupForm2">
                              <apex:outputLink value="/apex/DashBoard" id="myPage" target="theIframe" >My Page</apex:outputLink>
                                <apex:outputLink value="/apex/DashBoard1" id="DashBoard1" target="theIframe" >DashBoard1</apex:outputLink>
                                <apex:outputLink value="/apex/Program_Setup" id="Program_Setup"  target="theIframe">Program Setup</apex:outputLink>
                                <apex:outputLink value="/apex/Forecasting" id="Forecasting"  target="theIframe">Forecasting</apex:outputLink>
                                <apex:outputLink value="/apex/Inventory_Management" id="Inventory_Management"  target="theIframe">Inventory Management</apex:outputLink>
                                <apex:outputLink value="/apex/Store_Performance" id="Store_Performance"  target="theIframe">Store Performance</apex:outputLink>
Thanks & Regards
Brijesh Baser
Ron HessRon Hess
here is a style that will set a color and remove the image background for tabs

<style> .activeTab { width:190px; } 
.dr-tbpnl-tb-inact {
.dr-tbpnl-tb-act {



Brijesh KumarBrijesh Kumar
Thanks Ron Hess .
I also wants how can give a boarder of toolbar.but upper boarder can have yello color and bottom color have no color.
can you give me a suggestions.
Thanks & Regars
brijesh Kumar Baser
Ron HessRon Hess
I don't know how you can do that.  You will have to study the HTML that is output by the tab bar to see if there is an element that you can see, get it's ID and then set a style for that element using css styling.

otherwise you must add your own HTML element exactly where you want the color, and style that.
NOTE: all of this is very very likely to break at some time in the future when we release a new version of visualforce. Reverse engineering salesforce internals is 100% not supported and we reserve the right to change our internal implementation details at any time. We are only obligated to maintain backward compatibility with the documented aspects of our components.

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Hello Ron,

This was helpful, but I was not able to change the colors for the links, i wished to change the link colors to some other color. Below is the code that i am using:

<apex:toolbar id="theToolbar" height="50" style="background-color:#EEECD1;background-image:none;color:#BDFF00">

<apex:outputText value="" />

<apex:toolbarGroup itemSeparator="grid" id="toobarGroupLinks" style="color:#BDFF00">

I am using inline style, so this is only working for Background and not for the colors. Can you please help me out here.