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apex:enhancedList custom controller constructor doesn't update different object

I have an apex page where I'm using an enhancedList tag, and a custom controller. In the custom controller's constructor, I try to update a different object (different than what the enhancedList is using). It doesn't seem to work. Hopefully, I'm making a mistake that's obvious to someone else.

<apex:page controller="smemController">

   <apex:pageBlock >
     <apex:form >

     <apex:enhancedList type="Contact" height="500" id="ML"></apex:enhancedList>



/// Here's the controller:

public class smemController {

    public void smemController() {
        List<User> meList = [SELECT ID, FirstName, LastName, CURRENT_MAIL_LIST__c FROM User WHERE ID = :UserInfo.getUserId() LIMIT 1];
        User me = meList[0];
        String fullName = me.FirstName + ' ' + me.LastName;
        List<Mail_List__c> myLists = [SELECT ID, CHANGE_ME__c, LIST_NAME__c, CURRENT_LIST__c, Name, DUMPSTER__c FROM Mail_List__c WHERE LIST_OWNER__c = :fullName];
        for (integer i=0; i < myLists.size(); i++) {
            myLists[i].CURRENT_LIST__c = false;
            myLists[i].DUMPSTER__c = 'Was Hit';
        update myLists;