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Problems with Packaging Visualforce Project

I am importing a visual force project from my sandbox to my production account.
My sandbox package uses custom fields in the test scenario and my production account keeps alerting me that the fields already exist when I try import the package.

I need the custom fields in the test scenarios and I cannot afford to remove the custom fields from the Production account.

What can I do?

Which edition of Salesforce will allow me to edit apex classes in a production account?
No Salesforce edition allows editing of Apex in a production organization.

In the vast majority of situations, packaging is not an appropriate mechanism for migrating changes from Sandbox to production.  The tools design for this are the Force.com Migration Tool (for Apache Ant) and the Force.com IDE (for Eclipse), which use the Metadata API to extract your customizations from one organization, as text files, and deploy them to another.

The Force.com Migration Tool can be found in your organization at Setup | Develop | Tools, and the Force.com IDE has its home page on developer.force.com.