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Sent Email Sync with Outlook

If an email is send from SF, a copy of sent emails can be seen under Activity history. But is there any way it can be brought into Outlook sent folder? (I can't find it using Outlook Connector). Just like syncing contacts, task and so into SFDC using Outlook Connector...


Same Question.


Same issue.. 


After calling support and searching around I found nothing.


But here's a quick workaround that may work for others-


1. For each user setup the 'send copy' of email  to your email address

     -The emails you send from salesforce will then be forwarded to your outlook

2. Setup a rule in outlook for all email from no-reply@salesforce.com to forward to a folder

    -Send a test email from salesforce to make sure the copy is sent to your inbox

    -Once that is done, right click on that email and go to 'Create Rule'
    -Under 'When I get email with all of the selected conditions' Tick 'From no-reply@salesforce.com
    -Under 'Do the following' tick 'Move Items to folder

    -Click the Select Folder button and pick your sent items folder.




I'll be setting up email relay soon.  I think this will allow me to create an email address on my own domain to set the 'send copy' option to in salesforce.  Then I'd route emails from sf1@mydomain.com to the sent box instead of using no-reply@salesforce.com.  Hope that helps, I'll write better directions if I get to it.


Thanks for the info, let me know fi that works. Also, can you let me know


1. when an email is send from SFDC it is taking more than 24hrs to let us know if there is any failure in email, by any chance is it can be mentioned before that?


2. is there any way we can automatically add external contacts while sending email in SFDC?






Not certain but this may  have to do with the fact that the Sender ID is from Salesforce.  Maybe the failed email response is initially sent back to salesforce?  Email relay may be a solution for that as well.  You may have to call support.


I haven't played around enough with SF to answer #2 but someone here probably knows the answer. Good luck.

Why don't you send the email from Outlook then sync it to Salesforce? That would solve your problem. ContactMonkey (https://contactmonkey.com/) syncs emails from Outlook to Salesforce and brings Salesforce templates into Outlook. And tracks them too. Hope that helps.