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Outlook 2010 addin causing Outlook to freeze

Is anyone else having a problem with the outlook 2010 (Salesforce to Outlook) addin? I installed it on a new machine Window 7 32bit, with office 2010. It works well, but after a while, it just freezes my outlook program ( "Not Responding"). When i disable to addin, Day 2, I have experienced no Outlook crashes.


We got the same problem on one of our machines. After it freezes it's not possible to open Outlook anymore. Anyone know how to fix this issue?


As far as I know SF are currently working on compatibility for Outlook 2010. We too are experiencing crashing when opening Outlook and have disabled the add-in, which resolves the issue.

We're now looking to go through the hassle of downgrading some machines from 2010 to 2007, so the SF add-in works.




FYI - you can start Outlook in 'safe-mode' which disables all addins, (allowing you to disable them fully) by holding down CTRL key while clicking on the Outlook shortcut.


Seriously. People have been sick of waiting for this to be resolved.

Salesforce obviously don't care anymore.

Hopefully we will move to a new system soon.

What really gets on my t1t5 is that I keep getting this stupid message saying that there are updates available for my computer when it's the same old connector that dinsosaurs  were using.

Why don't they scap the connector altogether if they don't know how to make it work?


I'm just happy to hear i am not alone. :smileyhappy:


I will just have them disable the add-in and only activate it when they want to sync contacts then disable again. Ugh! This won't go over well.


Also, did you guys notice how it doesn't cross check the sync for accidentally deleted names in outlook(we sync down to outlook only contacts). I was quite surprised to notice that. I asked the folks at dreamforce and they didn't have a solution. You had to know which contact you deleted by mistake to fix.



Only some very good tools have a head for resolving this problem. To my wat of thinking one of them is the next. Reason of the software relieved me in similar trouble couple days ago and owns many useful capabilities - recover outlook 2003 pst.


We are having the same problem at my organization.  Only it sporadic so some users don't have a problem and others can't go a day without Outlook freezing.  Any idea how we can troubleshoot the problem?  Any word from Salesforce support about patching it?  Thanks!


You can try CloudsPlus. You will need Exchange server 2007 SP1 or greater but this is a great way to synch Outlook data without any addins. 


No addins = No lockups.


Yes, I had this issue while I was using Outlook 2007 to manage my emails, but that was not happening due to any kind of addin, rather the problem was in the PST file which had got damaged. I utilized scanpst exe Outlook 2007 and relieved myself from the problem.


I think you should just turn off the addin and see if the problem still persists.


I have this problem on a Vista Ultimate machine - all updates loaded and I get two error messages while opening outlook

First error


Clicking past this I get the second error;

 Second error message

I can only open outlook if I disable the salesforce addin..

Sandeep Kumar 2065Sandeep Kumar 2065
There are many reasons for Outlook not responding message if we try to send or perform any task in MS Outlook. One reason that could be with the Outlook is to Problem in MS office. Here are steps to repair for MS Office. 
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