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Eclipse/PROD deployment VERY slow ... any ideas??



I had quite a harrowing weekend trying to deploy a lot of code from a full sandbox to production.  One of the problems I had was slowness.  Using Eclipse and deploying to live took as much as 45 minutes, only to come back with a failure.  I found this particularly frustrating because when everything works in a full copy sandbox, you expect it to work in production.


A deployment whose steps took 20 minutes against a full sandbox took 9 hours against production because of errors.  So I'd take four or five minutes to try something to resolve the error and then I'd have to wait another 40 for the deployment to fail.  Even when I was loading only one small class with one small unit test, it still took a long time.


I was wondering if I'm the only one experiencing this, and if it's an Eclipse thing or a Salesforce thing.


Any tips would be most appreciated.


Here are a few thoughts on what might be going on:


  • Do you have a lot of managed packages and/or custom Apex code already residing in your production org? During deployment to a production org, ALL unit tests are run, not just those for the Apex classes you are deploying. How long does it take you to execute all unit tests already resident in the production org?
  • When run standalone (not during deployment), do the unit tests in production run without errors? If the existing tests fail on production, I think it will block deployment of your code until you fix the test failures.
  • Could your test cases be dependent on data in your sandbox that is not present in production?

I'm having the same issue.  30 minutes deployments (60 if you include a Test Deployment) are not uncommon for us now.  And yes, we have a lot of tests, but isn't that normal?  As salesforce matures, so will our custom code-sets, and thus we will have more and more tests.  I don't think running 100+ tests should take an hour IMO.


currently running on 3 hours here for a deployment to production and still waiting. No email saying any errors occured or anything. Deployment to sandbox took 1 minute.


Nothing showing in the deployment history yet either......




Yes !! This is a big problem, deployment to prod takes long time !! salesforce must fix this !! 


agree with all posts.  i understand that test coverage is necessary, i understand the governor limits, i understand it's a multi-tenant environment, etc etc.  but something has to be done to improve performance when deploying to prod.  in many orgs i work in it's not an issue - not much code, etc.  but in a big org, it can take literally an hour.  that's really just unacceptable.




Frustrating as hell! I've given up on Eclipse-deployments and now only rely on SB-outbound-->Prod-inbound via the browser, but it's taking painfully long. Even for the outbound changeset to show up on the Prod side is taking an hour! Fix this SFDC!!



Same thing here. Deploys to the sandbox take under a minute, production over 20. I did notice also that Eclipse is using 177% CPU (quad core iMac) during the deploy (otherwise it usually uses relatively little).