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Integration Between Applications?

My company is working with one of its partners to integrate our Salesforce apps. I was curious if there was a way for our applications to share data or otherwise call into one another. Is this possible, or should I try to work around it with web services?


Have you thought about using salesforce-to-salesforce?


Its not real-time access, as each record would need to be manually shared from on org to another, but if you're not trying to share a ton of data, its worth looking into.


While it's nice to know about that, it's actually not what I'm looking for. I'm not trying to share data between accounts - rather I am trying to share data between applications in the same account.


I see.  Is there a reason why the standard salesforce sharing model couldn't be used in this situation?


Well, because salesforce-to-salesforce appears to require an administrator to take action every time you want to exchange data -- I'm trying to build a fully automated solution. Or do you refer to a different sharing model?


I should point out that I'm not a very experienced SF developer - there might be something obvious that I just don't know yet.




Ok, if I'm understanding you correctly, you have 2 seperate instances of salesforce (albeit owned by the same company) and you're looking to share data between the two.  (Sharing rules would only work if you were working within the same instance).


If that is the case, you have 2 options:
- salesforce to salesforce (which sounds like it won't be a fit for you)

- web services integration, as you mentioned.


You could theoretically make yourself a 3rd option, by leveraging portals (native extensions of salesforce.com, allows you to expose a set of your data to someone logging in through a portal) and single sign on (so that your users wouldn't have to sign in twice), but it would most likely be more complex than just building a web services integration.  I guess it would depend on the use case.