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Marc FriedmanMarc Friedman 

Data Loader is Duplicating Email Addresses for Users

We are using the Data Loader 25.0.1 to import Users from a CSV file. We have confirmed that each row in the CSV has its own unique email address corresponding to the unique User. We have also confirmed that the SDL file is properly mapped. When we import the records, the Data Loader is picking one of the email addresses and duplicating it for all of the Users. Example:



Pat Anderson, panderson@none.com

Jamie Kobayashi, jkobayashi@none.com

Sam Valdez, svaldez@none.com



Pat Anderson, panderson@none.com

Jamie Kobayashi, panderson@none.com

Sam Valdez, panderson@none.com


The issue of course is that once these Users have been loaded, we have to manually change the email address (we have tried with the Data Loader but this does not work) so that the Users can receive the login email to log into the system. We have thousands of Users, so manually changing email addresses is not a viable option.


Has anyone else seen this behavior, or has suggestions for possible causes/cures?




Marc FriedmanMarc Friedman

Two updates:


1) Have confirmed that the success logs show different email addresses even though the same email addresses were imported.

2) Setting the batch size to 1 fixes the problem. This is a satisfactory workaround for now, but significantly slows the import process.


This sounds like you have an apex trigger on user that is not handling batch sizes > 1 correctly.