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J KeenerJ Keener 

Rendering as PDF not rendering Chinese Characters

When I render a vf page normally with Chinese characters on it, everything works fine.  If I attempt to render it as a PDF however, the Chinese characters are skipped.
The challenge here is that we are rolled out globally, with hundreds of users in China.  A number of accounts and contacts are entered in Chinese. 
page rendered as HTML:
page rendered as PDF, missing the Account Name:
Is there any way to support multi-character sets when rendering to a PDF?
Jon Keener
This thread probably covers what you need. There are some known limitations for double-byte characters but they don't seem prohibitive.

Jeremy Kraybill
Austin, TX

<apex:page renderAs="pdf">
body {font-family: Arial Unicode MS;}
<h1>This is a test</h1>
<h2> 这是一个测试 </h2>
<apex:outputText>Hello World!</apex:outputText>


that works!


I cant see the chinese charactors on the pdf ? Wats the wrong here ?

Praveen Kumar R 6Praveen Kumar R 6
You need to use Arial Unicode Font as it is the only Unicode Font supported for Visualforce PDF Rendering.
"Arial Unicode MS is the only multibyte font available.

For example : 
<div style="font-family: Arial Unicode MS;font-weight: 900; "> <apex:outputText >{!textbody}</apex:outputText> </div>